Because of the high 1 Amp current of the MobilePal receiver case, it is important to use a Qi-compliant wireless charger that support at least 1A output (such as the MobilePal Premium 3-Coil Charging Pad), together with a USB adapter that supports at least 1.5A output. Some low-end chargers on the market do not fully conform to the Qi standard, and in turn can cause inconsistent performance, especially when the iPhone is fully charged. If you still have issues with a Qi-compliant wireless charger, the receiver case may be defective and we apologize about it. Please submit a support ticket for further assistance.

Most low-end chargers on the market deviate from the Qi standard slightly. If you would like to continue using this charger, there may be a workaround: You can try to put around 4mm of paper between the charging pad and the receiver case. This will strengthen the magnetic field at the receiver and in turn may help resolve the on-and-off charging issue when the iPhone is full. This is by no means a permanent solution. We plan to introduce an add-on leather back behind the case, which will improve the compatibility with these chargers. However, the most reliable solution is to get a Qi compliant charger, such as the MobilePal Premium 3-Coil Charging Pad mentioned above.