If the red LED is on, please check to make sure your mobile device is equipped with a Qi wireless receiver. In addition, make sure the center of the wireless receiver is aligned with that of the MobilePal wireless power bank. To troubleshoot, please first make sure that the wireless receiver on the phone is well aligned with the center of the Qi wireless charger. Note that for some mobile devices, such as Google Nexus 6, the center of the wireless receiver is lower than the center of the phone. You might need to adjust the position of your phone to align the centers.

If you connect the Qi wireless power bank to an external USB power source while charging, the performance will depend on the output of the power adapter adapter and the micro-USB cable that you use. For best results, the USB power adapter should support 2A output. If the power bank does not charge your phone, you might need to press the power button once to switch from charging the internal battery to charging external devices.